How you can earn more in 2018

Last week of the month or as popularly known “the Infamous month end” is a rather challenging time for both students and salaried employees.

With the account balance lowering the number of parties, dinners, shopping and movies also seem to take a south turn. These are times when we wish we had additional income or a “side business” as they popularly call it to earn a little extra pocket money to see us through these rather difficult and testing times. So here are a few ways for both students and working professionals to put in a few extra hours to earn that extra buck!!


Do an Internship

With increased demand of interns especially with a plethora of startups needing such people, finding an internship is no longer a daunting task.

We belong to the internet era and if we can’t use it to its full potential then what’s the point??

With increase demand of skills like data science and virtualization, you are not even required to be present in office. Work from home or Virtual Internship is not unusual in today's time. Presence of multiple online portals makes it all the more easy. The variety of internships available at these portals is awe inspiring. You also get to choose multiple locations or simply 'as mentioned earlier' work in the comfort of your home. Moreover, it is indeed a welcome break from the regular mundane college assignments.

So..too bored of writing programs because you are an IT student?? Try a month of fashion content writing for a break!!


Try Event Management

There is work available for everyone when an event is being organized.

Feel you can speak well - Anchor. Feel you can coordinate well - Work backstage. Feel you are good with wires - work with the technical team.

Not only do you learn a variety of things about your own field, you meet and network with multiple dynamic people from different walks of life. In addition to all the work, you also have a fun filled evening while you get time to enjoy the concert or play or whatever it is that you are working for.


Start your own Entrepreneurial journey

Think you are good at craft work?? Think you are good at marketing?? Think you have a crazy business idea..  Go ahead and START UP!!

Now this needn’t be a start up in the conventional sense where you need huge investment. It could just be you making your own candles if you are creative or probably you setting up your own food stall at your next college event. With Facebook, Instagram and other forms of social media being made available to us, advertising and reaching a large scale audience at zero cost has become rather easy. So what are you waiting for??

There are multiple such ways in which one might earn money. But the skill does not lie in earning but growing money. So it’s only when you stop working for money and allow “money to work for you” is when you start growing in the absolute sense. Too complicated to comprehend??? We’ll simplify!! INVEST. Allow your money to grow over a period of time. Watch your money grow and before you realize you will quite literally be sitting you your own little pot of gold!!!