Career Selection? Crack the code!

Think of this… Walking starry eyed through the gates of your pre-school assured by the grip of your parents’ hand contrasted with wearing your confidence as you cross the corridors of your chosen college for the first time. The former is the decision of your parents, whereas “NO ONE” but “YOU” decides the latter.

This is a rather critical and life defining decision and the first question that comes to your mind regarding the selection of one option out of an ocean of choices available is HOW?

HOW do we know what we want to do for the rest of our life?

The answer is simple!


Give yourself ample time and finally freeze on the voice that resonates within you. Reminisce about the subjects- retrospect on the skills that came to you with ease and attracted your interests.

The key to making the decision in this case is doing what you felt was SIMPLE… something that made you feel at ease and came to you comfortably with minimal efforts. This shows a natural inclination towards a field and should rightly be your desired choice.

For example if you are a person who enjoys using his/her logical abilities and Science is something which you enjoyed with a special inclination towards Math and Physics, then of course you are an engineer in the making.

Other fields which one may explore if you have taken up Science as your stream in 11th and 12th with a special interest in Physics, Chemistry and Math include Aviation, Air force, Navy etc.

If Biology ticked your senses, then venture into the Medical field. With options like Nutrition & Dietetics, Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation, Anesthesiology, etc. coming into the market, medical field has expanded beyond the conventional senses.

If remembering dates posed no problem for you then you can go ahead with the highly rewarding field of research in History.

If you are eloquent and won debates for your school, congratulations you are a Lawyer in the making.

If it is Math and logic that intrigued you, you can pursue fields like Computer Science, Economics, Finance and Data Science.

If you think none of the above subjects have interested you, maybe you could explore fields such as Fashion, Marketing, Civil Services, Hotel Management, Advertising, Sports or whatever it is that drives you.

The predominant point over here is being to be able to identify your skills first and then go ahead in identifying a stream based upon those skills.

If you feel you are torn between two diverse skill sets, the best way out is to talk to people from the two fields. Join professional networks such as LinkedIn and track down people in your fields of interest. Talk to them and clarify your doubts straight from the “horse’s mouth”. You could also try doing courses online from both streams in order to realize which side is intriguing your mind more. Websites such as Coursera, edX and Khan Academy have a wide variety of free courses available with professors from prestigious universities teaching on these platforms.

Another common mistake which people land up committing is that they decide their stream based upon an expectant pay!! “PREMIUM PAY” is for the “SCIENCE STUDENTS ONLY” is a myth in today’s times. A variety of courses are available for the creative ones as well in the sphere of Animation, Fashion Design, Film Making or even Culinary Arts.

Non-conventional courses such as Cosmetology, Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Internet of Things, Entrepreneurship etc. are also gaining popularity and have a vast scope. With the outburst of the startup culture, finding a job doesn’t need anything else apart from skills. So it is not just the IIT and IIM students who are exposed to an ocean of opportunities, instead such opportunities are available to ANYONE WHO WANTS TO FOLLOW HIS/HER PASSION.

So in conclusion I would like to say that  be it off beat courses or conventional courses, out of the box aspiration or the regular popular lines, make sure it is YOUR decision, for the possibilities and opportunities for a solution provider in any field are endless.