Tips for improving your Communication

60% employers feel soft skills are very significant while hiring employees, according to a recent survey conducted by TimesJobs. For working professionals, this is especially important when they reach the level of middle management.

With the competition in the market intensifying constantly and the number of equivalent degrees swelling, it is imperative that one works on his/her soft skills. Communication acts as a lifeline which connects the world despite the varied differences. Hence, even if you are knowledgeable today but cannot communicate it effectively, it is as good as not having the knowledge at all.

In today’s world business worth billions is discussed over a table, countries resolve global issues via means of dialog, statements made by pioneers are enough to move the entire stock market!!!!!

Therefore communication and soft skills aren’t just a talent belonging to a few but have become an imperative skill set to be able to retain a job in this ever fluctuating job market.

Let’s take a look at the tips which actually work for improving your soft skills if observed religiously in your daily routine to give you that much needed boost in your career.



Yes you read it right! The old saying “practice makes a man perfect” is pretty much all you need in this case. The only reason we are so comfortable in our mother tongue is because we have been speaking in it since our childhood days. The first step to improve is to start speaking. It’s okay to make mistakes. Get over the fear of making mistakes and start speaking in English. Be it talking to your friends or interacting with your colleagues in office; make a conscious effort to use the language.



The only way to stop making those grammatical errors while speaking is to read correct English. Make it a point to read any English newspaper for at least 15 minutes on a daily basis. Barring that, you may also indulge in reading books based upon your field of interest. Initially obviously boredom will set in but be patient and give it some time and you shall realize why it is always said that a book is indeed your best friend.



They say “The only way to conquer your fear is to face it”. Similarly, the only way to overcome the fright of speaking in front of a crowd is to actually start speaking in front of them. So if you are in school, go ahead and join that drama club. Go speak about something in an assembly. If you are in college, take part in college festivals, in events such as debate, group discussions, etc. It’s okay to get eliminated in the first round itself!

If you are a working professional, try and speak up in team meetings. Put forward your ideas; take the lead to present to the audience. The motive here should be your being able to address a crowd; winning or losing should come later as they are immaterial at this point.


The above stated processes are iterative in nature. The more you do it the better you get at it. So go ahead and be fearless!! The corporate ladder is yours to conquer!