How to make that Perfect Resume

Before you get too overwhelmed by the prospect of attending an interview, you should have a resume that helps you land an interview in the first place! Many details, having been regarded as inconsequential are often overlooked while putting together a resume. This gravely jeopardizes your chances of making a good impression on your possible recruiters.

A resume is a sort of investment that furnishes returns in the form of better career growth; it is your signature marketing tool. Let’s take a look at the points to be kept in mind while preparing a resume.

No Bragging

Your resume should be peppered with your accomplishments and skills. It needs to be a resounding answer for your prospective employer's question 'Why should I hire you?’ Your talents and achievements should be elucidated in a way that doesn't make it look like you're bragging. Instead, your resume should unremittingly assume a modest and polite tone.


While mentioning your skills, allude to the ones that are required of the position you have applied to. Research about the company, its values, history and its objectives. You can study the job description as well as similar job postings so that you have an idea about the skill sets expected of you. Accordingly, you can present a powerful combination of your skills and achievements in that field.

Showcase your Industry know-how using keywords

Use keywords to give them a peek into your personality in addition to your industry know-how. Don't lie about your earlier positions by inflating your title. Underline the best work you have done previously in a way that shows the employer your ability to produce results. The angle from which you present yourself matters a lot.

Highlight Competencies

In case of a career change, your resume must highlight the skills and competencies that are easily transferable and could be productive to the new job posting. These can mostly be soft skills like leadership, management, decision-making, prioritizing etc. Your written and verbal communication proficiency as well as problem-solving capabilities also have a distinguishable role to play.


Rather than subscribing to an objective which would only make you seem desperate, highlight your skills and credentials but don't go over the top. List not more than 5 of your accomplishments under each position which are relevant to the job you're applying to.

Include References

Your social media presence is also likely to be carefully assessed by your prospective employers. It's counted as one of the yardsticks for measuring your expertise which is why adding your social media links to your resume could be important. Presupposing that your resume is sent digitally, make it easily clickable and interactive. Also, including references are an obvious requirement.

Make use of Stats

Using statistical figures goes a long way in impressing employers. The sentence 'Was part of the team that effectuated a 15% rise in production' sounds more commendable than 'Was part of the team that effectuated a significant rise in production'.


Your resume should be written in simple language. Complicated jargon or grammatical mistakes won't build a rational structure. Before you submit your resume, make sure that you proofread it.

The Ideal Length

The length of your resume depends on the extent of your experience.

> Freshers can do with a single page. Rambling on would only make it seem overblown and pretentious.

> If you have atleast 3 years of experience trailing you, you can have a little more to write; it can be about your previous job, the positions you've occupied and the recognitions you have received. Just take care that you don't get too verbose. Two pages will be enough.

> If you are a senior professional with many years of experience under your belt, you would need a longer and a more substantial resume. Your experience should show an upwards progression with an emphasis on your achievements in a way that demonstrates your suitability for the job.

With the right balance of information and adherence to the aforementioned suggestions, your resume would definitely take the cake.