The Most Coveted IT Skills to get a Job in 2018

For years now, the demand for technical skills has dominated the job market arena and 2018 too doesn't seem to be any different. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence and automation, the technological facets of most jobs have undergone a major overhaul. Increasing digitalization has created a chain-reaction of opening up new avenues like Cryptocurrency systems which in turn have triggered the creation of more jobs.

LinkedIn compiled a list of in-demand skills in the job market with the help of data from millions of LinkedIn profiles and it turned out that prominent among the list were tech-related skills. Some of them are:

User Interface Design: By taking into account the needs of the users and anticipating their response, there are tailor-made elements for them within the interface that can satisfy the user. It would have been difficult to use computers had there not been the field of user interface design. It is one of the fastest growing skills and often used by most employers in resumé searches.

Data Presentation: The ability to emphasise your point efficiently stems from your data presentation skills. For this understanding, tracking, measuring and utilizing the data effectively is important. This skill plays a major role in building the credibility of an organisation.

Data Mining and Statistical Analysis: Data mining helps in extracting meaningful information from an ocean of data while Statistical analysis assists in quantifying data and providing the tools essential to carry out Data mining. Both of them are vital for the management of an organisation. 'R' is a programming language that is commonly used by data miners and statisticians for software development and data analysis.

Cloud and Distributed Computing: Cloud computing allows businesses to start from scratch and gradually lease or release resources when there is a change in demand. This system has made a huge impact on Information Technology and is a widely embraced paradigm.

Network and Information Security: Of late, many security hazards have reared their heads in various gadgets and computers and posed grave threats to safety. Wading your way through the basics of Cyber-security and mastering them can give you an upper hand during the job recruitment process.

Mobile Development: Mobile application development has also seen a significant jump in demand with the pre-condition being that your CV should boast of an expertise in multiple coding languages. Learning a few computer programming and coding languages coupled with some experience in engineering can take you even further. Programming languages like Python and JavaScript helps to streamline and automate processes and build various applications.

Knowing the basics of AI and about its functioning is also considered to be a highly valued skill and can boost your future career prospects. AI has tasted a lot of success recently and has cut across barriers to announce its presence in every field.

Also, demand for Block chain skills are picking up pace since they facilitate the verification of users' credentials and transfer of sensitive information across servers in an encrypted form.


Regardless of these skills, being able to strongly communicate and get your ideas across as lucidly as possible is what makes you stand out and gets you one step ahead of the others. Most employers narrow down to those with creative thinking abilities and good communication skills while looking beyond their resumé. 

A survey conducted that scanned around 2000 business leaders had upto 57% of the respondents saying that soft skills were more important than hard skills. They included time management, collaboration, communication, strategical analysis, leadership etc. LinkedIn also mentioned that 'you don't have to be technical to be successful.'

Highly-paying jobs like that of Sales Directors focus on skills like Sales, Management, Marketing and Account Management; Product Manager jobs demand product development, program management and marketing skills in applicants. So irrespective of tech-focused skills, soft skills also find a place amongst favoured skills today.

2018 might be a year where Tech tries to trump everything else. But it's not all it takes to be successful. It's high time that soft skills which are often brushed aside be given a raised pedestal when it comes to creating demand.