Things you should know before you start your career in Beauty Industry

The world has set unrealistic standards for beauty and in a scurry to look good and thus feel good; people are reaching out to their nearest beauticians who have found themselves to be an inevitable part of this hot potato. Demand for their services has shot up and along with that, their pockets are slowly starting to bulge a little more. Here are a few details on the course that has propelled these beauticians:

Beauty Courses

Course Description

The course offers practical training to students so that they can pick up skills related to beautification of people and of handling the responsibility of maintaining beauty clinics. Students are expected to learn how to enhance clients’ features by using different makeup techniques and palettes. Aesthetics and cosmetology are important areas of the curriculum.

These also encompass safe practices and the effective use of products, proper hair designing methods, hairstyling, use of facials, pedicures etc.

Subjects included in the courses are:

• Cosmetic Chemistry

• Anatomy and Physiology

• Elementary Mathematics

• Perfumes and Colours

• Formulation and Development

• Techniques for Quality Assurance

• Advanced Cosmetic Technology

• Seminars/Assignments

• Research Methodology

• Marketing Management

• Project/Viva-Voce


Future Prospects


You can carve out a career for yourself in this field and occupy a variety of positions. They include:

1. Hair stylist - They provide beauty services like colouring, shampooing, hair styling and hair treatments. They may curl, cut, straighten, trim, bleach or dye your hair according to the client's needs. Their services may be availed of for professional treatments or during special occasions.

Median monthly salary - INR 25,832

2. Beauty Advisor - Beauty advisors or beauty consultants help customers in choosing the right product according to their needs by apprising them of its price, ingredients, application procedure etc. and thus offer personalized services to each one of them. They also help clients out with the maintenance process of their skin.

Median monthly salary - INR 30,500

3. Electrologist - Today, under pressure from everywhere to look a certain way, most people hurry to electrologists to get instant help. Electrologists perform the process of removal of hair from every area of your body. This treatment is long-lasting and permanent which is why it has become highly popular of late. Even eyebrow shaping and hairline adjustment can be done by them.

Median monthly salary – INR 23,013

4. Manicurist/Pedicurist - They make your hands and feet look really attractive! They do this by cleaning your nails, trimming them or removing residual nail paint. They also provide massaging and moisturizing services. Pedicurists also inform customers about measures to take care of their nails and skin.

Median monthly salary – INR 20,971

They can also work as:

• Makeup Artist

• Cosmetologist

• Facial treatment specialist

• Skin care aesthetician

Beauty and Wellness Courses

Fields where such jobs are found:

-> Resorts and Star Hotels

-> Spas and Leisure Centres

-> Food and Cosmetic Industries

-> Beauty/Skin Clinics

-> Sports Clubs

-> TV and Film Industry


You can also end up being the beauty consultant or stylist of famous celebrities! A little more digging can help you find out the technical and more practical aspects of your coursework. There’s always a lot to learn and greater heights to reach!


Some of the Institutes in India where proper training is imparted to students in beauty & wellness arena:

Orane Beauty Institute

ALPS beauty Academy

Lakme Academy

Jawed Habib Academy

Christine Valmy International Beauty Academy

Shahnaz Husain International Beauty Academy

Naturals Training Academy

LTA School of beauty


AASHMEEN MUNJAAL's Star Hair & Makeup Academy