Film Making Courses-Top 10 Institutes in India

We frequently come across headlines of a movie reaching the 100 Cr club. Some movies like Dangal and Bahubali even crossed the 1000 Cr mark in terms of revenue. This shows that the film industry is picking up like never before. And with this kind of revenue, many more movies are produced in hopes of making more money. This in turn opens doors to employment-direct and indirect in this industry.

Career in Film making and theatre

The film industry is specifically designed for creative thinkers and for imagination believers. Filmmaking is mostly known for its teamwork among people with varied skills. The artistic and technical crafters and directors, writers, actors, composers, designers, cinematographers, and editors along with the combination of professionals in the field of photography, sound, performance and production skills, bring a story to the screen. The movie industry is becoming bigger and more diverse day by day. As a result, careers in film production are becoming an increasingly attractive option for creative thinkers. Jobs are available in all the fields due to which more productive and creative work is emerging out day by day with the help of creative minded individuals.

Work Profiles

Film making careers can be direct or indirect. Direct careers are involved in film projects, whereas indirect careers include critics, archivists and distributors.

  • Film Producer: The producer’s main job is to supervise everybody else. The theme, story, resources, cast and crew including the director, locations, etc. are chosen by them. They can even direct the movie. This post is usually held by Mass Comm. graduates from film and television institutes. 

  • Film Director: Also called the producer’s right-hand man. Most of the people work and rely on him. It is his will that translates the producer’s vision. 

  • Editor: He puts long, jumbled up scenes into sequential and meaningful movie video. He conducts re-shooting of certain scenes, cuts unrequired scenes, adds special effects and synchronizes sound track as per the movie theme. 

  • Screenplay Writer: With their creative and visualization talent, they format the penned down stories for the screen. A literature graduate or anyone with creative writing skills can pick this role. 

  • Actor: Powers of empathy, mimicry and memory best serve the actor. They are the ones who depict and perform on the stories/script on screen through their acting skills. 

  • Animator: Also the creator of moving images. Fine arts, graphic design and animation design graduates are perfect here. They were extensively used in likes of movie Bahubali, Krrish, etc. 

  • Cinematographer: The cinematographer compiles scenes for visual impacts deciding all the lighting and camera angles. This a job which requries high technical expertise. For this students pursue specially designed Cinematography Courses. 

  • Cameraman: The cinematographer’s right-hand man; he must have high technical proficiency and an in-depth knowledge of cameras.

Film Making Courses

  • Lighting Technician/Operator: Turning day into night or shifting moods with just the change of colour. This job requires high technical skill and experience.

  • Soundmen: They record, dub, mix up sounds and effects and keep them all in sync with the video. A degree in Audiography/Electronics with a high school science background helps a lot here. 

Other Film Related Careers

  • Film Critic: He must have general knowledge of the movies. His job is to review and rate movies and determine their worth. 

  • Film Archivist: The archivist preserves the film if it spoils or gets lost.

Skills Required in Film Industry

  • Flexibility

  • Patience

  • Creativity

  • Talent

  • Determination

  • Good sense of humour

  • Thick-skinned, able to deal with rejection

  • Resourcefulness

Eligibility Criteria

For technical courses, basic eligibility is 10+2. For other courses it is graduation. In all cases there’s going to be aptitude testing and interviews to assess the candidate's talents. Duration of courses depends on the course and the institution chosen.

Courses Available to pursue a Career in Film Industry

There are specialised courses for all fields in film industry in which students are exposed to various types of equipment and the latest techniques of film production.

Film and Television

  • Courses in Audio Engineering

  • Courses in Digital Film Making

  • Courses in Media Technology

Certificate Courses

  • Certificate Course In Acting

  • Certificate Course In Film Direction and Cinematography, Audiography and Editing

  • Certificate Course In Production and Direction

  • Certificate Course In Professional Videography

  • Certificate Course In Sound Recording and Reproduction

Diploma Courses in various fields

Post Graduate Courses

  • Post Diploma In Acting

  • Post Diploma In Film Direction

  • Post Graduate Course In Cinema Studies

  • Post Graduate Diploma In Video Production

Various other courses

  • B.A (Hons) with Film Studies

  • B.A in Film Studies

  • Basic Course In Film and Television

  • Bachelor Of Theatre Arts

  • Course In Acting and Camera

  •  Course In Audio and Visual Education

  • Course In Video Editing

  • Film Appreciation Course In Cinema

  • Master's Degree In Cinema Studies

  • Programme In Film Studies

Earning Potential

The wages in this sector differ drastically from position to position and experience/fame of the person. These can vary from Rs. 60-70 thousand p.m. to Rs. 1+ Crore p.m.

Prospects of Film Industry

The film industry, like every other industry, is in a constant state of change. It is providing new possible ways of depicting the imagination into more realistic form. Every year, new technologies emerge that forces the industry to reinvent itself and that pace of disruption is only getting faster and faster.

Top 10 Institutions of Film Making Courses in India

Top 10 Government Institutes of Film Making Courses

  • Film and Television Institute of India, Pune

  • Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kolkata

  • Kerala Government Film Institute, Kottayam

  • L.V Prasad Film and Television Institute, Chennai

  • Adarsha Film and TV Institute, Bangalore

  • State Institute of Film and Television, Rohtak

  • School of Film and Mass Communication, SHUATS, Allahabad

  • AJK, Mass Communication Research Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

  • Srishti School of Art Design and Technology, Bangalore

  • Government Film and Television Institute, Bangalore

Top Private Institutes of Film Making Courses 

Even a​​​part from acting, you can consider the Film Industry to pursue a high paying career!