TOEFL Exam-Fees, Eligibility and Top Institutes for TOEFL Preparation

The number of students who aspire to study abroad is increasing with years. There are various exams available to gain admission into a university abroad.

Some popular exams taken by students are:

  1. TOEFL

  2. IELTS

  3. GRE

  4. GMAT

  5. SAT

  6. MCAT

Exams to Go abroad-TOEFL Exam registration


Full form of TOEFL is Test of English as a Foreign Language. It is an exam to exhibit your proficiency in English language. It can be given by students aspiring to study at universities abroad, to prove their efficiency in English. It is intended for non-native English speakers. It could also be used to track one’s progress in English, or by candidates to attain visas for entry into English speaking countries.

  • Eligibility for TOEFL Exam:

There are no such pre-requisites, any candidate wishing to take this exam can do so by registering for it.

  • Fees of TOEFL Exam:

The fee to take this exam is around INR 12,741.

  • TOEFL Exam Score Validity:

The exam score is valid for 2 years upon the date of its release. You can take the exam as many times as you want, but only once in a 12 day period. i.e. if you have a test appointment, you cannot take another test within 12 days of the current appointment.

  • Types of Colleges that accept TOEFL:

More than 10,000 colleges, institutions and agencies accept TOEFL to gauge the English speaking abilities of the candidate.

  • TOEFL Exam Registration:

Register on official website: Click to register for TOEFL Exam

Top Institutes for TOEFL: 

  1. Edwise Overseas Education

  2. Jamboree

  3. TIME

  4. Jeeva’s Educational Academy

  5. Visu Academy

  6. Manjooran’s Academy

  7. Aadele Training Center

  8. EGE Global Academy

  9. Edstar

  10. Camford Academy

Check out the insititutes for TOEFL preparation in your area here.