Work-life balance: Reality or a Myth?

Work-life balance is the term given to the equilibrium that workers have to maintain between the number of hours they put in at work and the time they spend with their loved ones.

Work Life Balance

There's a certain line of reasoning behind the assertion that this concept cannot be translated into real life and is thus a myth. Work-life balance calls for a balanced lifestyle with time set aside for your family and your business in an equitable way.

But as it is today, with endless deadlines to be met in a jiffy, and urgent work piling up every split second, you are left contemplating where to set your priorities. You can be the boss of your company or an employee; anyhow, the growth of a business demands exceptional effort and dedication from every single person involved in its running. If you haphazardly try to separate your personal and work life, you might get caught up in a ruinous situation.

But to tackle this issue, we have had new technologies springing up to afford us the chance to communicate with each other across different parts of the world. Whether they are business meetings conducted through video conferencing or ideas of projects discussed over the phone to texting, calling or using Skype and other platforms to be in touch with your loved ones, some kind of trade-off is being achieved.

Jay Johnson, the CEO of Small Cot Wine said "We all have one life and as technology continues to permeate it, it will continue to be more complicated to try to separate your personal and business lives. Instead of trying to do that, embrace the flexibility these new technologies allow for us and treat work-life balance as a continuum that shifts based on the day. "

This balance being called a myth doesn't mean you are to devote all your energies at your workplace and neglect a healthy personal life. This balance is unique to each person.

The ratio of the time to be allotted for your family and your job is to be fixed only by you and shouldn't be defined by how the others maintain their schedule. Not everyone views their work the same way and thus, your idea of a balance might not be the same as theirs.

Thus, a work-life balance is not an utterly harmonious state of equilibrium between your private and professional lives because that isn't logically achievable. Sometimes it's necessary to disrupt this balance as long as you're sure you're doing everything right.

To feel a greater degree of happiness, it's high time you rejig your priorities a little bit so that they conform to your core values. Never compromise your values and ethics in exchange for money. It would only eat away at your competence. Learn to prioritize, set schedules for your tasks and to say no to propositions that seem unimportant for the moment. Being selective while working and removing hurdles in your way can provide you much more time to spend in the manner you want to.

Whereas your work provides you a sense of fulfillment and self-worth, you need motivation and emotional support which can only be given by your family and dear ones. The best way to success is attained by the integration of your personal and work lives in a manner that is proportionate to your priorities and needs.