Makeup Artist Course in Delhi-Professional Makeup Courses

Do you want to become a professional makeup artist? Have you lately been hearing the word MUA too frequently? Well, this is exactly what is trending these days. Pursue a course in makeup artistry or professional makeup and you can get going on a path to becoming a well known makeup artist.

Makeup Artist Courses in Delhi

But where do I start from?

Enrol in a professional makeup course! With a plethora of institutes, it is difficult to chose one in particular. Here are few guidelines how you can chose one.

> Experience in the Industry/Past Work

> Budget/Cost of the course

> Equipment or technologies used

> Brands one is working on

> Area/Location from where you want to do this course

But can I not enrol in one of the online courses selling on the internet?

Makeup is an Art and requires creativity. Each individual is different, the face structure, skin, eyes, etc. are all unique to every person.

Applying brushes to create a masterstroke is an art which is best learnt while practicing and getting around to work. When it comes to makeup, rest assured you would need more practicals than theory to excel in this field.

So, it is better to enrol in a reputed academy or even intern with a well known makeup artist to get a hands on experience of this art.

Which are some of the well known institutes in Delhi if one wants to become a professional makeup artist?

With the history and the experience which one brings along, we have mentioned a few of the institutes. You can check out this page for more details. Apply the filters above and select your institute.


2. Orane Beauty and Wellness Institute

3. Lakme Academy powered by Aptech

4. Bharti Taneja (Alps Beauty Institute)

5. Aashmeen Munjaal's Star Hair & Makeup Academy

6. Chandni Singh Makeovers

What is the fees for such courses?

The fees for makeup artist course varies according to the institute. You can check out the fees below.

1. Professional Diploma in Makeup course from VLCC-course fees

2. Advanced Diploma in Makeup Artistry course from Orane Beauty and Wellness-course fees

3. Advanced Course in Makeup from Lakme Academy-course fees

4. Certificate in Art of Makeup from Bharti Taneja Institute-course fees

5. Advance Makeup Artistry course from Aashmeen Munjaal Star Academy-course fees

6. Basic and Advanced Professional Makeup Course from Chandni Singh Makeup Academy-course fees

How much can I earn and from where do I start earning?

A makeup artist usually charges anywhere between INR 5,000 - INR 50,000 per makeup depending on the name and fame of the artist. Junior artists usually charge somewhere between INR 10,000-20,000 while those working for celebrities charge in lakhs of rupees.

You have two options for starting working as a makeup artist-full time or freelancing.

For full time makeup artist, you can either get employed with well known salons, makeover centers or makeup academies. Some of the academies also provide placement assistance and some even offer you a job if you are pretty good at your work.

For working as a freelance artist, you can get yourself listed on various online portals like UrbanClap, UrbanPro, get your work published on social media platforms and focus on getting a good job done because at the end of the day there is no better publicity than getting references through word of mouth.